Interest Rate Negotiations

Are you making the most of low interest rates?

It’s easy to become comfortable with your home loan, especially when you’ve had the same one for many years. While this can be a good sign to show that you’re happy with the loan you have, it could also mean you’re missing out on savings.

As life becomes busier, you might not think to review your interest rate and the features that come with your loan.

Looking over your home loan every so often – particularly when the official cash rate moves – could give you the chance to save some money in the long-run. Now is a great time to review your options.

Don’t be scared of a break fee – let Stephen show you what the net savings could be.

With the Reserve Bank of New Zealand reducing the official cash rate, many lenders are passing on rate cuts which naturally leads to more savings for both buyers and homeowners.

Current homeowners can take advantage of the lower rates through refinancing, meaning that you can take the opportunity to restructure your home loan to suit your current needs.

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Should I review my current mortgage?

  • Do you have the best mortgage structure in place to meet your requirements?
  • Are you thinking of re-financing?

We will do a free review of your current mortgage structure, to access whether you are getting the best deal possible for your property portfolio.

Did you know approximately 30% of all borrowers on fixed rates could break their term loan, pay a break fee and still be better off? We can show you a quick calculation that you may want to see.

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